Coach Mike Annese

Father, Patriot, Inventor of the Flyball500.​

Coach Mike Annese is one of four brothers, two generations, and almost one-hundred years of sports coaching experience and legacy.  His father was one of the nation's most revered high school football coaches, who was also a World War II Veteran.  These lifelong commitments were passed along to Mike and his brothers as they grew up and started their families and careers.​


Mike has volunteered as a coach in many sports including baseball which led to his idea for a tool that would reduce the level of​​ frustration coaches endure when practicing fly balls in the outfield.  



The Baseball Game of 500

This is a simple game that goes back many years.  One person bats the ball and the other players spread out in the field. If a person catches a ball before it hits the ground they score 100 points.  If they catch it on one bounce they score 50 points.  All other grounders are 25 points. If you drop the ball (Error), you deduct the same amount from your score.  No points if the ball rolls to a stop or if the catch is missed. The first to get 500 points then bats.

There are many variations of this game.  For example the ball may be thrown instead of batted. Also, to avoid having kids fight over the ball, one could designate each to be caught by a single player. One can also assess negative points for dropped balls.



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